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Singing is a therapeutic process - In it we begin to realize who we truly are

“I was blessed to come across Kym Franklin. After my first lesson, I knew she was IT! I think of her as a vocal scientist.  That’s how good she is.”

– Joseph

“She’s a good soul, one that cares from her heart!”

– Genevieve

“…I have learned how to face a lot of my fears and just go for it! “

– Sarah

“I’ve been through many vocal teachers and I feel I’ve progressed so much with Kym in such a small period of time.”

– Sarah


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Welcome to Know Your Voice!

I help professional singers – and those who aspire to be – achieve optimal vocal health,  true confidence and genuine self esteem through the art and technique of singing and vocal preservation.
Imagine living a life of authenticity…your voice no longer stifled but liberated; successfully breaking through the proverbial “forth wall” on stage and in your everyday life!

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Kym Franklin

Master Vocal Coach and Mentor, Know Your Voice