What do you believe qualifies a person for heaven?

(Feel free to write down all applicable item numbers)

1.    being a good person

2.    doing good works

3.    trying not to sin

4.    obeying the Golden Rule 

5.    tithing and giving money to the church

6.    attending church regularly

7.    prayer

8.    baptism

9.    speaking in tongues

10.  being born to Christian parents

11.  taking Holy Communion

12.  being Confirmed

13.  self denial i.e. fasting, abstinence 

14.  doing penance

15.  repentance

16.  inviting Jesus into your heart

17.  making Jesus the Lord of your life 

18.  turning from your sins and receiving Christ

19.  giving your heart and life to the Lord 

20.  feeling it deep down

21.  having a powerful experience with God

If your answer is: one or more

If your answer is: none of these