I’ve taken voice and breathing from various teachers and Kym Franklin is awesome!  She helped open up my breathing like crazy and I’ll never forget that!  She’s a good soul… one that cares from her heart!

Sarah Simmons

vocal artist - contestant on NBC's The Voice (Season 4)

I have had the pleasure of working directly with Ms. Franklin this past year as her client of “Know Your Voice”. Her tremendous talent is shown in everything she does, along with her ever more prominent talent of teaching. The abilities of expressing her love and appreciation of music through her voice and teachings never cease to amaze me.

Kym’s incredible adaptability with potential clients has let her excel in the development of her students. Her uncanny ability to confidently know what the client truly needs musically forms a sense of comfort. Kym has a great connection with her students and a relentless perseverance to always leave her clients with a sense of happiness. I am beyond blessed to have her not only as an instructor; but as a confidant.

Shelby Danielle Harris

aspiring vocal artist

The internet search rocked it for me in finding Kym!  My initial conversation with her was inspiring.  I just knew Kym as my vocal coach was going to work out.  She was ever so patient in listening to the description of my singing and performing experiences, my concerns about the business and what I would describe as my needs to become a better singer and performer.  So, not only is she an excellent listener, she’s sincerely caring, nurturing and a consummate professional in KNOWING the art of singing and how to get you where you are capable of being…and beyond!  Her approach is fun, candid, driven and exhilarating!  I am so excited to be working with her!

Johnnie Anderson

professional jazz vocalist

I’ve been through many vocal teachers, and I feel I’ve progressed so much with Kym in such a small period of time, I could only imagine how much more I will grow vocally working with her long-term. She made me feel so comfortable on my first lesson which I believe is key to having a successful learning experience. I am absolutely thrilled to have been able to work with the most vocally talented person I’ve ever met, and I’m also thrilled to have the opportunity to work with her in the future!

Sarah Tesfai

vocal artist

Kym is a dear friend and without a doubt the most motivational woman I have ever met!  She has faith in everyone and does not pass judgments, no matter what your skill level. Thanks to her, I have learned how to face a lot of my fears and just go for it!  She will help you get down to the bottom of things, from the basics of the craft to the fire inside your soul!


recording artist (front woman - Company of Thieves)

Kym, the Music Theory for Singers should be mandatory for ALL singers on the planet!!!!!!
Dale Prasco

professional musician

After having been a performer for some time as well as developing and managing groups such as Subway (who I successfully signed with Biv 10/Motown records) I knew I still needed to enhance my musical career. I wanted to obtain the vocal skills of Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie, Sam Cooke, and so many other greats. I searched and searched for that vocal teacher that had the knowledge, push and the drive that every vocalist needs. I was blessed to come across Kym Franklin.  After my first lesson, I knew she was IT !  She pulled out every element to enhance my ability, and helped me become the vocalist that I always wanted to be…and I’ve only touched on the tip of the iceberg of her skills. I think of her as a vocal scientist. That’s how good she is. After taking lessons from her, I can see that my musical career is about to take off in the very near future.  I have recommended her to many people and will continue to recommend her to many others. Thanks a lot Kym. God bless.
Joseph “Shall Jones”


Kym, thank you for everything you’ve taught me!
Melanie Olivia Camras

professional actress and vocalist

Kym, I just wanted to let you know that I am so thankful for you. I have
 always wanted to take vocal lessons and I had heard so many good things about you. You are all that they say you are and much more!  The first vocal lesson was awesome.  I was impressed then as I am now. I have learned a lot in such a short time.  Thank you for sharing your secrets of success and allowing me the opportunity of becoming a successful vocalist.
Yolanda Brown

vocal artist