Know Your Keyz - Virtual Piano Lessons

 Music is a powerful, transcendent means of communication.

 Music Theory is the language by which music is understood.

Know Your KeyzVirtual Piano Program                   is an enjoyable way for you or your child to learn how to read, write, hear, feel and effectively communicate and navigate the universal language of music!


Do you envision you or your child playing classical music?

If so, he or she must have exceptional rhythm, sight reading skills and a clear understanding of music theory.  

How about jazz or blues?  

One must study the anatomy of scales, chords and harmony .  

Potential pop star?

 Knowing intervals and mastering melody are crucial!  


Why Choose Know Your Keyz Virtual Piano Program?

The Seven C’s



Traditional Learning

(Reading, Writing)


– Aural Learning

   (Playing By Wrote a.k.a “by ear”)


– Imaginative Learning

(Original Thought)


– Exposure to a wide breadth of sound


– Logic Based Learning

(Critical Thinking)


– Experience Based Learning

(Meaningful, Connected To the Real World)

Christ Centered

–  Grace Based Learning

(Building True Confidence & Genuine Self Esteem For A Greater Purpose)


Know Your Keyz - Virtual Piano Program grants exclusive access to:

  • 40 Minute – Weekly, Virtual Private Piano Training
  • 40 Minute – Weekly, Virtual Music Theory Adventures Training
  • Supplemental Coaching and Mentoring
  • All applicable Piano & Theory Books, Sheet Music 

Your Music Coach and Mentor
Ms. Kym Franklin

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