Monthly tuition will automatically be deducted from your debit or credit card (on file) the 25th of each
month. New and returning clients will pay the prorated amount (when applicable) at registration. An additional $5.00 service fee will be applied to all Debit/Credit Card payments. Tuition is non-refundable and cannot be credited.
PLEASE NOTE: Late tuition payments may result in loss of regular lesson day and time. __________

All clients should call or text Know Your Voice, giving no less than hours (4) hours notice to cancel scheduled lessons.
PLEASE NOTE: A client cancelled lesson is non-refundable and cannot be credited. __________

Clients are responsible for attending each scheduled lesson. Know Your Voice does not guarantee make-up lessons for client cancelled lessons. PLEASE NOTE: ALL MAKE-UP LESSONS ARE GRANTED AT THE INSTRUCTOR’S DESCRETION AND AVAILABILITY. If the instructor decides to make up a client cancelled lesson, the lesson MUST be rescheduled and completed within thirty
(30) business days from the original lesson time cancelled. All make-up lessons (student or instructor cancelled) expire within thirty (30) days of original lesson cancelled. If a make-up lesson is scheduled and the client cancels, the lesson WILL NOT be rescheduled and the lesson is forfeited. No exceptions. Make-up lessons will be given for instructor cancelled lessons. __________

Auto-pay clients pay a flat, monthly, discounted rate. This rate remains the same regardless of:
• the number of weeks in a particular month
• Federal and Know Your Voice holidays (see schedule)
• client’s personal, sick or vacation days

To terminate enrollment the client MUST notify KNOW YOUR VOICE via email kym@knowyourvoice.biz; giving no less than thirty (30) days notice. TUITION IS NON-REFUNDABLE AND CANNOT BE CREDITED.

Know Your Voice may use any recordings and photographs taken during sessions, recitals or related events
for promotional purposes.

When an Instructor travels to an off-site location, it is the client’s responsibility to notify KNOW YOUR
VOICE if or when the facility will be closed during their scheduled session.  IF KNOW YOUR VOICE is
not notified at least 4 hours prior to scheduled lesson, an Instructor Travel Expense of $50 will be added to
your tuition fee for each session missed. _________ (initial when applicable)



Know Your Voice needs the co-operation of the clients and parents (when applicable) to ensure an
enjoyable experience. We strive for excellence and want clients to make noticeable progress. It is the
client’s responsibility to practice regularly and come prepared to all lessons with the appropriate materials.
Feel free to call with any questions and/or concerns. Our goal is to offer lessons that are enlightening,
enjoyable and rewarding.


I have read, understand and agree to the above stated policies and procedures.