Music Theory for SINGERS


12 Weeks

Day:     Thursdays

Time:     Written 8:00 – 8:50 PM     Aural 9:00 – 9:50 PM

Starting:     4/7/16

Fee:     250.00*

Studio:      D

Instructor:     Kym Franklin

Music Theory for SINGERS II

Written and Aural


Our Music Theory for Singers II class is a continuation of MTS I.  It’s designed to teach singers musicianship.  Musicianship involves learning the language and framework for understanding music.  It also encompasses skill and artistic sensitivity in musical performance.  For instance, your accompanist may ask you a very simple question, “What key is your song in?” Or…during practice your accompanist plays a few chords that sound “off” …are you in a position to kindly communicate to him what system/ measure/chord is “off” or confidently tell him the key of your song?

The Music Theory for SINGERS II curriculum is designed and customized specifically for singers. Singers internalize, understand and output music in a way that is different from all other musician groups. It stands to reason that singers might learn music or music theory differently as well. In this class, you will study the fundamentals of written AND aural Western music theory including music notation, scales, chords, rhythm, harmony and music analysis.  You will be reading music the first day of class!  The second week you will be writing music!

Finally, a music theory class for singers created and taught by a singer!  This class will empower you and alter your “view” of music forever!  Musicians are welcome too! Pairs perfectly with the Vocal Technique.  Prerequisites: Music Theory for Singers I or 75% or higher on placement exam.

Contact us to register! Registration closes 4/14/2016

* This is a KYV ACCESS class for private students only