Online - Ages 13 and up

Are you an aspiring singer or a semi professional singer with questions regarding your voice?


Perhaps you are a full-time vocalist who is feeling a bit stifled and would like a professional assessment to see where you are vocally?


Are you concerned for the health of your voice due to symptoms such as chronic raspiness, hoarseness, vocal fatigue, strain, loss of range, pain, or worse?


The KYV Vocal Assessment is a unique opportunity to know your voice in way you have never known; holistically…intimately.  Here is your chance to get an unbiased, brutally honest, yet professional vocal evaluation.  You will see your voice in a new light!


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What is the KYY Vocal Assessment?

It is a proprietary, non-invasive evaluation based on the 12 essential standards of assessing the human voice.  Just like every soul…every voice is priceless and should be treated as such. The KYV 12 Point Vocal Assessment gives the singer a “level set” regarding their current vocal situation.

Is the KYV Vocal Assessment necessary?

It all depends.  Do you consider your voice to be essential?  If you lost your voice – indefinitely – how would this affect your your everyday life?  Only you can answer this question.

That said, completion of the KYV Vocal Assessment is indeed a prerequiste for participation in both the KYV Vocal Training and Coaching programs.


This sounds interesting yet scary at the same time. Is the outcome of the assessment based on if you like my voice or not?

Great question! Nervousness is to be expected, however I can assure you that any anxiety you have will melt into clarity, hope and empowerment!  When it comes to the human voice, I have heard it all – or close to it!  This is not American Idol.  My intention is to help YOU see and hear YOUR instrument as it is but in a different light.  Nothing more nothing less.

What platform will we use to do the virtual lessons?

Skype or Face Time. These are the only options. Skype is preferred.

What happens once I purchase The Vocal Assessment?

Either I or someone from my team will reach out to you within 24 hours after your payment has been received.  Your vocal assessment will be scheduled on a day and time that is convenient for both of our schedules.

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