Know Your TriUne Voice

A 12 Week Intensive, Grace Gospel Based, Online Vocal Course

Know Your TriUne Voice - 12 Week Intensive, Online Vocal Course

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Know Your TriUne Voice and never see your instrument the same way again.

Authenticity is extremely rare in this world however sharing it is the most transformative gift one can give.

You may ask, “What on earth does singing have to do with authenticity?”

Authenticity is one of the most essential elements in musical performance.  Transformative art MUST come from a genuine place.

What comes from the heart reaches the heart. 

The best vocalists are not always highly skilled or technically brilliant.  No, not at all.  However,  they do tend to have one thing in common – authenticity.

Authenticity requires vulnerability, transparency and integrity on and off the stage.

Know Your TriUne Voice is a comprehensive, 12 week intensive, Grace Gospel based vocal program that cuts to the heart of vocal training and performance; liberating the triune voice through holistic training.  

This is an entirely different approach to vocal training and exclusive to Know Your Voice.  If you are a serious student of voice and would like to learn more,  please complete the contact form on this page.