KYV Vocal Coaching

A vocal coach advises and guides their client through the client’s own repertoire of songs. The client will receive feedback and recommendations on how to improve and execute the material.

Vocal Coaching*

All Ages
Novice to Advanced & Beyond
The vocal coach helps the client prepare and polish a song or a group of songs to be recorded and/or performed in front of an audience.   Our services include online, in-person coaching for :

  • One-on-one Intensives
  • Group Intensives
  • Music Workshops
  • Seminars
  • Festivals
  • Camps
  • Choral and Ensemble Rehearsals


Clients can expect vocal solutions and advice on vocal arrangements, vocal phrasing, diction, articulation, enunciation, pitch, dynamics, rhythms, lyrics, interpretation, stage presence, expression, microphone technique and the overall approach to the material.
It is our goal to help our clients create and execute a flawless performance.

*Prerequisites:  A potential client’s acceptance into the KYV Vocal Coaching Program is at the sole discretion of the KYV coach.  Upon acceptance, the  KYV Vocal Assessment must be completed prior to the client’s initial coaching session.


For Individual or Group Vocal Coaching Fees