KYV Vocal Training

Vocal training is designed to instruct and equip the student with proper breath support, vocal technique and stage presence.  Lessons are one-on-one, weekly and tailored to fit the client’s individual needs.

KYV Vocal Training*


Ages: 12 and up

Clients will study:

Level One basics including proper breath and vocal technique, tone placement, resonance, light anatomy and aural/sight reading skills.

Level Two concepts including projection, balanced onset, phrasing, dynamics and pitch control.  These will be integrated and developed once level one basics are learned and fully understood.

Level Three benefits come with long-term consistency.  At this stage, singers begin to see the fruits of their labor; enjoying increased range, vocal ability and agility, vowel and consonant clarity and coordination of registers enhancing the student’s musicianship and self-confidence overall.  Lessons will include studying multiple musical genres and languages varying in difficulty.

*Prerequisites:  A potential client’s acceptance into the KYV Vocal Training Program is at the sole discretion of the KYV instructor.  Upon acceptance, the  KYV Vocal Assessment must be completed prior to the client’s initial lesson.


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