The Major 2nd – (Voice Coaching/Piano Hybrid) 60


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“The Major 2nd Hybrid” 

The Young Performers Program 

Voice Coaching and Piano Training

60 Minutes/Week


* The Young Performers Program – “The Major 2nd Hybrid” includes one (1), thirty (30) minute, weekly vocal coaching session and one (1), thirty (30) minute, weekly piano lesson at a flat rate of $350.00 per month.  There is an additional $5.00 processing fee added to each monthly payment for a total $355.00 per month.  This rate remains the same and continues regardless of 1)  The number of weeks in a particular month 2)  Federal and Know Your Voice holidays (see KYV Calendar) and 3)  Client’s personal, sick or vacation days.  Your reserved lesson time and monthly billing will remain in effect until proper notice is given to terminate lessons.To terminate enrollment the client MUST notify KNOW YOUR VOICE via email at ONLY; giving no less than thirty (30) days notice to cancel monthly lessons and discontinue billing. Tuition is non-refundable and cannot be credited.